Cloudevo: Concentrate your storage on a large unified cloud


Cloudevo is a smart-modern application that gathers any number of cloud storage space in a large cloud. It is not necessary from which provider you have your cloud storage. Cloudevo combines all the different cloud services into one big cloud. This cloud is then mounted as a drive on your device, and all files are securely encrypted on the Cloud drive.

In addition to encryption, the software includes useful features that make it easy to manipulate, manage, and synchronize data in the Cloud. You can access your Cloud Drive files from anywhere. The fear of unauthorized access to your data no longer exists. Cloudevo ensures security as all data is encrypted using the modern AES-256 encryption method.

To enhance security, files are split into multiple pieces and uploaded to different cloud services. You can also synchronize all your data across multiple devices. Your files will be synced automatically by Cloudevo. You do not need to worry about that. Cloudevo uploads your data encrypted to the integrated Cloud services. From other devices you can access your files from anywhere. It does not matter which Cloud service you want to store your data in, Cloudevo can access it. If you use different Cloud services, Cloudevo provides you with a uniform surface and interface.

With Partial Sync, you can choose which files will be synced immediately, which later and which will not be synced. With Data-On-Demand technology, data is synchronized every time you request it by opening a file, for example. This saves you time on unnecessary data transfer and does not block your internet connection bandwidth.

Also, you can easily sync files to the cloud without worrying about running out of storage. Manages all individual cloud services, allowing fast backups and file sharing. With few effects here and there, this app is ready to offer you a better alternative to a multitude of cloud storage accounts that have it all connected. But now let's look at the steps we need to follow


After installing the application, create an account by adding a username and password. However, note the password somewhere because if you do not remember it, it is not possible to retrieve it.


Select Accounts and click the Add account button and add one by one the cloud services to which you have an account.


For each service separately, enter the username and password you are logging in and specify the disk size. Finally after completing the process following the confirmation steps that will be requested.


After completing this step, click on the My Computer icon and you will see the disk created according to the data you have specified.


To upload your files, copy the folder or files you want to transfer to the created Cloudevo disk and wait for the upload to complete.


If you want someone to share your files, right-click on the folder or file stored on the cloudevo disk.

Optionally add a name to the file you are sharing and specify how much time may be available for download or after how many downloads it will be disabled. Finally give the link to the person you want to download the file. Finally, if you want to change your password or delete your account you can do so by clicking on Profile.
Its free version includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited number of accounts synchronization up to 3 devices, and file encryption

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