Disk Wipe : Permanently erase your data from all storage media


Unfortunately, formatting your hard drive can't help ensure your files are permanently deleted, but it also can't actually overwrite the data, and while it's a better method than deleting files, it's still for experts a very easy way to recover your data.

The only real, and time-tested, method to permanently remove data (without causing any damage to a hard drive, of course) is through Disk Wipe technology.

In fact, to permanently delete data from a hard drive, it is not enough to just clean it, so the replacement of the data on the deleted data is added so that they can not be recovered again.

The program cleans your hard drive using predefined advanced algorithms, replacing existing data on the disk with a new, random data set, and does so many times, to ensure an even higher level of security.

Characteristics :

  • Portable, no installation required.
  • It uses several advanced shredding algorithms to securely delete data.
  • It supports all popular Windows file systems, NTFS, Fat, Fat32.
  • Uses fast format before wiping the disk for faster performance.
  • Works with USB sticks, SD cards and other portable memory devices.
  • It respects the privacy of your information and does not send any information over the Internet

Works with any memory storage device such as USB memory stick, various SD, mini and micro SD cards and all devices that can be used as storage memory and are configured with NTFS, FAT or FAT32 file system (some mp3 players, cameras etc. ). 

The application is portable, which means you do not need to install anything on your computer, just run the application icon and follow the simple steps below.



Tap the icon of the hard disk you want to delete and press wipe. When you press the wipe icon you will be asked to select a file system. Windows XP and Windows Vista and above typically use the NTFS file system. Older versions of Windows can use Fat32 as well as some removable media


In the next tab, select the deletion method by selecting the deletion algorithm. If you do not know exactly what to choose, leave it as it is in the first option and click next.


The application has a special way to confirm the delete command and this is nothing more than typing the words in the blank field Erase All. This is obviously done to avoid accidental deletion accidents.


The erasing of your storage medium starts now, depending on the capacity, speed of the storage medium and the selection of the erasing algorithm, the erasing time can vary from a few minutes to several hours. However, after the process is complete your storage media space is completely cleared and your old data can no longer be seen and retrieved.

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