Tuesday 18 August 2020

Dr.Web Live CD-USB 2020: Repair boot problems caused by viruses or malware


This is probably the top troubleshooting product for infected computers. Dr.Web LiveCD is an anti-virus cd designed to fix boot problems caused by various viruses or malware. So if you have a computer, workstation, or server running Windows that does not start, Dr.Web LiveCD intervention will clear your system of suspicious and malicious files. After downloading the ISO of the application, write it to a CD-DVD or respectively to a USB stick and place it on the computer you want to clean.

During the Boot process, click on Dr.Web Live Disk and on the next screen click on the Update Virus Database option to update the application with the latest data after first connecting to the internet. Finally, after the update is complete, click on Dr.WEB CureIt and scan your computer for malicious files. Dr.WEB CureIt will start scanning and if it finds something it will notify you and suggest deleting it

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