Wednesday December 14 2022

PhoXo: Powerful image editing software


PhoXo is a free and powerful image editing software. It is tiny, fast, easy to use, can be treated as a mini PhotoShop. Features include layers, undo, over 50 special effects, batch editing and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. In particular, you can easily add text effects to the image, such as shaded text, text embroidery, gradient text, etc. 

The PhoXo website provides a large number of resources, including step-by-step tutorials, thousands of free clip-art, frames, patterns, textures and shapes. Free, small, fast, and powerful photo viewer and editor. 

Its features include layers, undo, over 50 special effects, as well as a wide variety of useful and powerful crop, painting, retouching, measuring, navigation tools. You can add text effects to photos, for example write a text with a ripple effect, change its gradient, fonts, color, etc. 

Also, the program includes a very large number of graphic aids that will help you in your work, such as, for example, free clip-art, frames, templates, textures and shapes. 

  • Supports Greek menu

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