URL Blocker: Block any web page on your computer


URL Blocking is a free software for safe Internet use, which is used to block certain Internet addresses (URLs) from accessing the Internet from the specified computer. The user can freely provide, modify, export and import the list of URLs to be blocked.

With URL blocking, each computer's Internet connection can be restricted independently, at the URL level, without requiring a firewall or any special network knowledge. Blocking is independent of the browser we use. URL Blocker data can be easily transferred to another computer.

Profile mode lets you group and change settings instantly. It also includes a Scheduler, which can run in the background. It is able to password protect specific settings. With URL Blocker, you can safely define which URLs to block from your computer, without a complicated firewall program or any special network knowledge.

You can easily change the list of blocked URLs at any time. Some software (such as web browsers) use their own DNS cache. 

Not all new hosts file entries will take effect immediately with this software. URL Blocker only manages the system's DNS cache. Software that uses its own DNS cache must be configured individually, for which you can find help here . In my experience, most custom DNS caches update in a relatively short period of time (a few minutes). 

If it is not possible to set the custom DNS cache or if you do not have time to wait, restarting the software can help. The purpose of URL Blocker is to implement system-level settings that you can test by pinging a given listing.

The functionality of the URL Blocker is based on the correct configuration of the hosts file. The hosts file is a system file that fundamentally defines the operation of the system. It can only be overridden if you have administrator rights, which means that URL Blocker can only be run as an administrator.

URL Blocker runs with administrator rights and modifies the settings of a system file. As a result, it affects the operation of system processes that determine the functioning of the computer as a whole. For this reason, use it only if you have read, understood and accepted the terms of use. The application does not need installation.

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