Thursday 25 May 2023

WinDynamicDesktop: Change the desktop wallpaper depending on the time and location.


WinDynamicDesktop brings dynamic desktop capability from MacOS Mojave to Windows 10. Uses your location to set sunrise and sunset times, and changes your desktop wallpaper to the time of day.

Select a theme and enter your location the first time you run the application, then it will minimize to your system tray and change the wallpaper in the background. You can import custom themes or create your own and customize the application to automatically change the color of Windows 10 or periodically update your location. 

The application uses the LocationIQ API to convert your location to latitude and longitude, or the Windows Location API, if authorized. Location data is anonymous and is never stored without your consent.
Download the WinDynamicDesktop application
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TAGS: desktop , Utilities

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