AOMEI PE Builder :Create Bootable Windows PE on USB and CD/DVD and ISO


AOMEI PE Builder is an amazing free app since it allows you to get a special version of Windows to solve any problems. 

It is a software that will create a bootable environment on a CD/DVD, USB flash drive or ISO file based on Windows PE that incorporates a set of tools that allow you to start your computer for maintenance and quick recovery tasks when its system your computer is damaged or unusable.
The boot media you create is compatible with both BIOS and UEFI, so you don't need to create two separate media for these two boot modes.Windows PE (WinPE) for Windows 10. 

It is a small operating system used to install and repair Windows 10 for desktop editions (Home, Pro, Enterprise and Education), Windows Server 2016 and other Windows operating systems. 

Through Windows PE, you can configure your hard drive before installing Windows, install Windows using applications or scripts from a network or local drive, capture and run Windows images, modify the operating system of Windows while it's not running, set up automatic recovery tools, and add your own custom shell or GUI to automate these tasks

ΤWindows PE has the same requirements as Windows with these exceptions: 

  1. No hard drive required. You can run Windows PE entirely from memory. 
  2. The basic version requires only 512MB of memory. (If you add drivers, packages, or applications, you will need more memory.)
  3. To boot Windows PE directly from memory (also known as boot RAM), a continuous portion of physical memory (RAM) must be available that can hold the entire Windows PE (WIM) image.
  4. To optimize memory usage, manufacturers must ensure that their firmware maintains memory locations either at the beginning or end of the physical memory address space. 
  5. Windows PE is not a general purpose operating system. It may not be used for purposes other than development and recovery. It should not be used as a client or embedded operating system. There are other Microsoft products, such as Windows Embedded CE, that can be used for this purpose.
  6. To prevent it from being used as a production operating system, Windows PE automatically stops running and will restart after 72 hours of continuous use. This period is not adjustable. When you restart Windows PE, all changes are lost, including changes to drivers, drive letters, and the Windows PE registry. 
  7. See WinPE: Mount and Customize for permanent changes. The default installation of Windows PE uses the FAT32 file format, which sets its own limitations, including a maximum file size of 4GB and a maximum disk size of 32GB.


1.-To install Windows PE on a CD/DVD, USB, or to create an ISO file, you should follow the following steps:  Download AOMEI PE Builder 2.0 and run it, skip the first image you see below, (unless you are an experienced user. allows you to add extra tools) and click next.

2.-  Choose, install Windows PE 32 or 64 bit and click next.

3.- If you are an experienced user, add the drivers or files you want through the Add Drivers Add Files options and click next, if you are not an experienced user it does not matter click (skip this step and just click next).

4.- Select the media you want to install and click next, if you are installing on USB let the application format and wait until the installation process is completed and finally press finish to close the menu. From there, drop your stick into the USB port and boot from there. However, you must first make sure that you have selected USB as your first BOOT device through the Bios.

5.-  An important detail, how to write to USB via AOMEI PE Builder as described only applies to older computers running Bios. So, if your computer starts via UEFI you will normally follow all the above steps but in the end instead of registering the ISO on USB you will choose to save the Windows PE ISO file that you will download somewhere on your computer.

6.- From there, download the software rufus and run it, click the select button and upload the ISO file. Select GPT as partition plan and finally press the start button to start the recording. Finally, after completing this step, restart your computer.

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