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What do you think of the idea of ​​streaming your music collections so that you can listen to your favorite songs via your computer or mobile phone, either over a local network or even over the internet? AudioStreamer is a completely free web-based Audio Streamer that gives you easy access to your music. In other words, it turns your computer into an Audio Streaming Server so that you can listen to your music from anywhere through your favorite Browser. It is a pure free open-source software with great ease of use and tested on windows-IE8, IE9, Firefox and Chrome. But let's look at the steps we need to follow.


After downloading the application, unzip it and run the application icon with administrator privileges and minimize the tab. From there the application icon will now appear on the taskbar.

By default AudioStreamer runs on port 9090. so open the web browser of your choice (ie chrome, firefox, etc.) on your computer and click on the Browser address bar http://localhost:9090. You should see the login screen. The default username and password are: user = admin, password = start

The next step is to complete the path to your music collection. Once you enter the application, right-click on the drop-down menu and click Settings.
Complete the path to your music now, e.g. folder: c: / music and save this setting, of course you can set any other path provided you have previously opened the corresponding folder on your hard drive and put your music collections in folders, then click the (re) create button database to create the database.

AudioStreamer will scan the folder to find all your music files. If you want to add other folders with music files later you will need to repeat this setting (you do this each time you add new folders). To see the changes now you have to make REFRESH and after LOGOUT and do it again LOGIN.

Now, to create users and give each of them the username and password to enter click on the drop-down menu and press USERS, click Copy in the admin or demo option and in the new row you will see enter the name and user password and click Save. This procedure will be followed for each user and you will have to do the same as many times as there are users you want to add. However, be careful when adding users check only the DESCTOPS box otherwise your users will also have access to your settings.
We're almost done, so now you can listen to your music on any other computer, cell phone, or tablet. B.C or the IP your computer has on the internet. Assuming the IP on the internet is for example then you need to type in the Browser bar

From there you can browse your music collection and listen to your favorite music.


In general, you should not have any problems. The only problem one might encounter is that some routers have some doors locked for security reasons and possibly one of them being the 9090. However, the problem can be solved very easily simply by adding this door as an exception. on the router. However, because each router has different settings we can not provide specific solutions. However, the general rule is to add this port to the Port Forwarding option of our router where in the LAN Host IP Address option you have to enter the IP of the computer running AudioStreamer as you can see in the photos below.


In general, if you can use AudioStreamer on your wifi, then everything works fine. Make sure you use AudioStreamer through it http://localhost:9090 . Next, you need to make sure that port 9090 is forwarded to your router on the computer on which AudioStreamer is installed. To access AudioStreamer over the Internet, you need the external IP address of the router. You can see this external IP address for example through http://ip4.me/, even if your ip is (e.g., access AudioStreamer through

You will not encounter any problems with the implementation of the application at the local network level, however over the internet it may not be able to work due to the security restrictions of the router.

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