Friday May 19 2023

Avast Cleanup: Effective app for optimizing - cleaning junk data


 Avast Cleanup is a highly effective junk and cache cleaning app for Android. Remove file debris and unused apps with a single tap, for a faster, more powerful phone. Avast Cleanup removes junk files. This optimizes the performance of the phone and enhances its speed.


. Clear Junk: The pre-installed App Removal app deletes pre-installed bloatware apps that you are not using to avoid delays on your phone.
Τής Device Manager: System Screen: view all important device information on one screen. 
✔ Device Manager: App hibernation temporarily suspends apps, thus extending battery life, storing mobile data, clearing memory, and improving device speed 
. Clear junk: Remove junk: Avast Cleanup quickly scans the phone's storage and cleans up unnecessary data. 
. Smart Clean Mode instantly clears junk, system caches, photo thumbnails, installation files, file debris, or unused files and APKs. With a single click you delete a multitude of junk data.
✔ The Cleaning Consultant option provides a detailed overview of all phone data.
. Uninstall applications at the touch of a button to free up space, increase device speed, and avoid delays.
Κα Phone Cleaner identifies and cleans larger files, media, apps, and junk.
. Use the skip list and mark items that you do not want to appear on the device. 
. Optimize and speed up your Android device by controlling storage space.
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