Sunday 5 September 2021

ChaletOS 16.04.2: A separate linux that looks like windows


We all know some of our friends who tried to install and run some Linux distribution without success. The operating system they tried was very different from the usual, there were a lot of new things and some others were not just what they expected. The goal of this application is to allow any ordinary user without any experience to get used to Linux. This system is not very different from the Xubuntu on which it is based, but ChaletOS has a style that everyone knows well, attractive simplicity and impressive speed.

Due to the small hardware requirements, it will "revive" some old computers and rejuvenate some others, not so old. What's new in the new ChaletOS release? New LTS support, new kernel and new Software Center. But beyond that, with what makes ChaletOS so different from other distributions? 

The themes are improved so that they can work better. It is also now more complete and includes details for many applications. The icons have been redesigned. Redesigned Emerald Icons were used to better fit the ChaletOS style. Style Changer is rewritten and templates are created from scratch.

Many community-style "conkys" have been rewritten and adapted for ChaletOS. Start Point is a new application that can help new users get started using ChaletOS or Linux. Contains a collection of videos, site articles, and suggestions for different applications.

Installation on the computer is very easy, so after downloading the ISO file write it to a DVD and after booting from it, select live cd and then after the download is complete click on the Install to HardDisk icon and follow the simple steps below see in the photos. However, be sure to install it on a computer that you are not using and keep in mind that when you install the operating system it will delete what is on the disk.

ChaletOS: 16.04.2

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