Wednesday 22 February 2023

HardDisk Validator: Repair bad sectors on your hard disk


This is a simple utility designed to help you find out if your hard drive has reached the end of its life and if it is possible to repair any bad sectors. However, before we continue about the program let's do a little recap.

What is a bad sector? As hard drives are known to write data in block units (sectors), every time a hard drive updates a sector, it also updates a checksum (stored immediately after the sector data).

When a sector is read from your hard drive, it is expected that the sector checksum will match the sector data, if it does not, then most likely bad sectors have been created.

The appearance of bad sectors can come from either a power outage during recording or from some other malfunction of the hard disk for some other reason such as falling, mechanical damage and others.

The question that arises is this: Can bad sectors be repaired? NOT always, however, if the data stored in the sector is simply invalid, but your hard drive is working properly, you can repair the bad sectors that have been created. 

However, before you start you should first see if your disk has bad sectors. For this purpose, run the HardDisk Validator application, select Read and press Start to start the diagnosis.

If you see that there are bad sectors that you found recently created, for example after a power failure run the application and select "Read + Wipe Damaged + Read" is the fastest way to eliminate bad sectors and avoid any problems with software that does not respond well to bad sectors. If something seems to be wrong with the drive, it is best to back up the data and use the "Write + Verify" test, which will erase all data on the disk.

CAUTION : If you use a single disk to boot your operating system you can run the scan to see if your hard disk has bad sectors, however, it is recommended that you avoid trying to repair it if it is the one that hosts your current operating system . In this case, what you can do is disconnect your hard drive and connect it as a second one, to another computer and run the program there.

Possibilities of the application

  1. Read: It will scan the entire surface of the hard disk to detect bad sectors.
  2. Read + Wipe Damaged + Read: Scans the entire surface of the hard drive to find bad sectors, if bad sectors are found, they will be replaced and re-read to make sure they were successful this time around.
  3. Read + Write + Verify + Restore: The program will write a test template to disk, verify that the template was successfully written, and then restore the original data.
  4. Write + Verify: The program will write a test template to disk and verify that the pattern was successfully written. (original data will be lost).

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