Monday 26 October 2020

Image Watermark Studio: Free watermark application to protect your images


Image Watermark Studio is a free, powerful watermarking software tool for protecting your rights to your digital images and photos. Add your name, brand, website, copyright mark, or company logo to your photos. This way you can add your watermark to hundreds of photos at once.

Just drag and drop some of your images into the list, select a watermark type, set the properties, and export the watermarked images in a minute. The mode of operation is very simple, after running the application drag the photos you want to watermark into the blank box in the app menu, alternatively press the button Add Image to select your photos one by one or add Folder if you want to watermark multiple photos together.

In the field Caption enter your name or your company name or alternatively select image Watermarks to add a ready-made graphic logo.

Choose now exactly where in the photo you want the watermark to appear, change if you want the font and its size, rotate it if you wish and zoom in or out if you have selected (Image Watermak) through Image Scale. After completing this step, click on the button Output Settings & Start.

Choose whether you want to save your photos to a new folder or what you do overwrite where they are and change if you want the dimensions and format of your images. Finally, click on Home to start the conversion.

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