MyPhoneExplorer: Synchronize PC with your mobile


Connect your phone via cable, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or infrared and you will be surprised how easily and efficiently you can manage your phone. MyPhoneExplorer has evolved and is now considered as one of the most popular mobile phone freeware tool that is constantly expanding with new features. 

To connect your mobile phone to the computer via wi-fi, download the application MyPhoneExplorer Client from the Google Play Store run it on your mobile, then run the application from windows, select file settings and connect to wi-fi, close the window and press connect.

On the screen of the application, among other things, you can get information about your mobile phone and see the current status of your battery, memory and notifications from your mobile phone.

This is probably the best free program of its kind and it is definitely worth having.

Download the MyPhoneExplorer application

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