Tuesday 9 May 2023

OCCT: Measure the stability of your computer


Test every component of your computer using 6 powerful, efficient tests! CPU, memory, GPU, VRAM, power supplies, every critical component can be tested. 

OCCT is a free tool for measuring the performance and stability of your computer. It has 4 built-in test panels targeting CPU, GPU and power. 

It also monitors temperatures, voltages, fan speed, as well as memory usage and frame rate (FPS) (3D test). It has the most accurate error detection algorithm for CPU and GPU. Even though components are currently well protected from overheating, OCCT includes another layer of safety by allowing you to set a maximum temperature limit. 

OCCT's CPU test is the most advanced out there. Capable of detecting stability issues in seconds, it can perform per-core testing and allow you to adjust the instruction set used and data size.
the OCCT application
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