Saturday October 29 2022

Print Friendly & PDF: Print or save in PDF only the content you are interested in


Editing and printing topics from various websites on the internet is a big headache for many, since among other things they have to print photos and text that they do not need, which of course results in wasting paper and mainly ink. 

These until today, since with the use of printfriendly we can configure our pages to be printed in the way we want by selecting only the text the paragraph or the photos we want to print by removing from the print box the remaining useless elements. It will work in any of the most popular Browsers, although for its installation there are some minor differences from Browser to Browser.

For example, if you use Google Chrome, you can install the application as an add-on. on the button. 

The application is very easy to use, just press the Print Friendly button to print or save the page you want, click on photos and text you do not need to remove them and finally press Print or PDF and print or save only the text and photos you have selected.
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