Sunday October 18 2020

RollBack Rx Home: Top, free windows storage and restore application


As you know, Windows has solutions for restoring our computer to its previous state in case of a problem. One of them is the classic System Restore that can help you reset to an earlier time when your computer was working properly. The second solution is to completely restore your computer via image.

Restoring System to an earlier state is the shortest way to troubleshoot, however it is not completely reliable and may often involve the problem (for example malware) but may not even be able to solve various problems that have arisen. from installing a problematic software.

The alternative is to install the software in a sandbox, so that no changes are made to the system files, but even this solution has its problems. This gap is filled by RollBack Rx Home is the software that makes the difference, since you can work without any problems and whenever you want to discard the changes to your computer and restore it to its previous state when it worked properly.

To make it more understandable, after installing the application during the reboot you will be asked to take a picture of your computer. From there, when you enter windows, you can install whatever you want without any fear. Rebooting the RollBack Rx Home prevents changes to your drives by restoring the original image every time you start the computer, so even if you are downloading files, viruses, malware, or even trying to modify Windows files RollBack Rx Home will reset the computer to the desired state. It creates a complete snapshot of your system without having to restart the system so that you can reset your computer in seconds even if Windows cannot start.

Using it is quite simple, after installing the program, restart and login to windows. From there, if you want to make a new backup for your computer, run the program, click on Snapshots and then click the button New snapshot.
If now for some reason you want to restore your computer from an older copy click on the same path Instant Restore click on the icon Rollback computer and finally select the copy you want. The main difference compared to other free programs is that it allows you to Recover your computer even if it can not enter windows. To do this, simply click on the logo RollBack RX Home  (always appears for a few seconds when you restart your computer)
and follow the same procedure. It will run on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 & 8.1, 10 (32 and 64 bit). In case you want to keep the new changes that may have come from some upgrade and installation of new programs take a new complete picture of your computer and delete the old one.

To download the application you will need to register and during the confirmation you will be given the relevant link to download it, unzip the file and install the program on your computer. After completing the installation, your computer will restart to install the bootloader that you will see for a few seconds each time you start your computer.

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