Thursday April 20 2023

S10 RedEyes : Fix the red eye effect in your photos


Fix red-eye in your digital photos easily with S10 RedEyes, a red-eye removal software that doubles as a general photo editor.

S10 RedEyes is simple to use, produces a more natural look and provides better control than most programs on the market.

In other programs you usually have to use a rectangle to select the red eye, but S10 RedEyes uses a much more natural, circular selection area that you can adjust to match the shape of the red eye using the - / + keys ( during and after selection).

Simply open a photo in S10 RedEyes, click on a red eye (or right between the eyes, if both are red) and the "Fix Red Eyes" window appears (see figure at right) with a magnified view and controls to further zoom in/out as needed. Then just click and hold the mouse to select the exact area you want to fix.

Note: After opening the photo, first make sure you are in "Fix Red Eyes Mode" (indicated by the magnifying glass mouse pointer when hovering over the photo).

You can access this mode either through the toolbar, the edit menu, or the photo's right-click popup menu.

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