Tuesday 23 May 2023

VSUsbLogon: Login to Windows with your password


VSUsbLogon is a small application that allows you to log into Windows securely via a USB device, replacing the Windows password required at login. 

So you don't have to remember and type the password every time. (Your computer is of course still password protected). 

This way you can log into Windows by inserting the USB flash drive into any USB port on your computer. VSUsbLogon supports USB HDD, USB flash drives and other USB devices like iPod, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy etc. 

All data is encrypted via AES 256 algorithm and using a unique encryption key. But let's see now the steps we have to follow.



After installing the program, select settings and change the language from English to Greek if desired.

Select our stick and click the Assign button.

Select the user you want to enter in USB enter the login code in windows in the corresponding fields, select automatic login, check your password and press OK


If you want more settings, select settings and in the USB export option specify the action you want your computer to do each time you remove your stick. 

Finally, from there, all we have to do is restart our computer or Log Off and from now on we will not have to enter the password every time. 

Simply for windows 10 and 11 in the input options menu press Enter on the USB icon and we now automatically enter windows.

Of course you can disconnect the USB at any time by logging in the traditional way of entering your password in the corresponding fields.

Download the VSUsbLogon application
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