Saturday April 29 2023

WebCam On-Off: Turn off your PC camera


There has been particular talk of network attacks by computer hackers who use Trojan horse-type malware to take control of the target computer's camera and record video or take photos without the user's consent.

Even if you are a parent of minor children there are several reasons why you may want to turn off the computer camera that your children use especially when they are not always under your direct supervision.

If you have an external camera connected via USB to your computer, no problem, since you can disconnect the camera cable at any time and have peace of mind.

But what happens in the case of computers, especially laptops that have a built-in web camera?

The solution to our problem is provided by a small free portable software called WebCam On-Off. Once downloaded, unzip it and run the WebCam.exe executable file and press the Disable button to disable it, respectively when you want to open it, run the program again and press the Enable button to activate it.
the WebCam On-Off application
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