How to reset Windows 10 without formatting


It is a fact that despite the fact that from time to time there are opposing voices, Windows 10 is the best operating system of all versions of Windows. In fact, new technologies and upgrades are constantly added to enhance the stability and performance of the operating system. Now, resorting to a format and reinstalling windows 10 in case of a problem is an exception nowadays. The reason is that windows 10 now incorporates many different methods of restoring our computer in case for some reason it stops working properly. The way to restore in this case is very simple and can be done as follows:



From the windows search, type reset this computer.


On the next tab, click on fast results and select the restore method.

As you can see there are two possibilities one is to keep your files and the other to remove all applications and settings. You simply select the recovery method and wait until the installation is complete. A very important detail of this restore method is that the upgrades you have made so far are not lost, which means that Windows will keep their version and you will not have to make updates again, very important especially for windows installed on their older versions, which simply means that you will save a lot of time and hassle.

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