13 best free apps to add your logo to your photos


As a digital watermark we define the identification information of an electronic file, which is placed in a vaccine to certify its ownership and is a method of protection for its creator. In our case it is our logo that can be embedded in one or more images so that it plays the role of digital signature. You will find many programs of this kind on the internet. However, those that provide some extra features and are free are hard to find. So we searched for you, tried and present the 13 best free programs of this kind.


Hornil Photo Resizer is a windows application that helps you convert, rename, resize, rotate, and add watermarks to your photos. You can even save the settings and edit the same task for other images. More specifically with the use of the application you can convert, rename, resize and rotate images, rename to images with serial number and date, supports auto level, auto contrast, inversion, sharpening, grayscale, sepia, and vintage filters . You can even add watermakr to images, upload and save your settings, and convert images to different formats. Supports png, jpg, tif, bmp, ico, jpc, pcx, tga, tif, ico, jpc, jp2, pcx, pgx, pnm, pgm, ppm, ras, ska, wmf and tsp file formats. 


FastStone Image Viewer is a fast, stable and user-friendly image browser, and a converter with rich features that include, in addition to standard photo viewing, management, comparison, red-eye correction, resize, create watermarks as well as create unique slideshows. The innovative yet intuitive full screen feature provides quick access to EXIF ​​information, thumbnails and important functions via hidden pop-up toolbars when your mouse touches the four edges of the screen. Other features include a high-quality magnifier and a music slideshow with 150+ transition effects, drop shadow effects, image annotation, scanner support, histogram and more Supports all major graphic formats (BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, animated GIF, PNG , PCX, TIFF, WMF, ICO and TGA) but also the most popular for RAW digital cameras (CRW, CR2, NEF, PEF, RAF, MRW, ORF, SRF, ARW, SR2, RW2 and DNG).


Image Watermark Studio is a free, powerful watermarking software tool for protecting your rights to your digital images and photos. Add your name, brand, website, copyright mark, or company logo to your photos. This way you can add your watermark to hundreds of photos at once. Just drag and drop some of your images into the list, select a watermark type, set the properties, and export the watermarked images in a minute. The mode is very simple, after running the application drag the photos you want to take in the empty box in the application menu, alternatively press the Add Image button to select your photos one by one or Add Folder if you want to take many photos together. In the Caption field, enter your name or company name, or alternatively select image Watemarks to add a ready-made graphic logo.


This is a professional-grade software where adding a watermark to photos has never been so simple and powerful. With multi-level watermarking capabilities for images and text including photo margins, and a built-in profile editor for designing individual watermarks and multiple effects. Place your watermark separately in your photos. Select multiple angles, edges, or center of your photos to display your watermark. Add more than one watermark to your photos and create a visibly visible watermark that protects your entire photo. Additionally, you can put a border of photos around your image. The basic functions of the application are completely free. However by choosing a paid version you enjoy all the extra benefits of the application.


GoodFrame and GoodFramePlus are two applications that will allow you to enhance your photos by adding a frame and adding a logo with your signature. But it can also help you choose the right quality to print your photos or upload to the internet with a corresponding reduction in size and quality. With GoodFramePlus you can even edit your photos and make more intricate frames, however, the GoodFrame we present to you today is completely free and you can use it without any restrictions. It will work on any Windows computer. 


View and manage images, rotate, delete, convert and resize your photos with PhotoHandler. Resize your images, adjust the quality (compression), size or convert them to jpeg, gif, tiff, png or PSD. You can even add photos from your camera or SD card and PhotoHandler will add them to your hard drive automatically. However, in addition to editing individual photos, it also allows you to bulk edit your images and allows you to add a watermark either via text or from a logo. To edit the photo you want, double-click on it. 

If you are looking for one-of-a-kind easy-to-use but powerful image editing capabilities, you can use rEASYze to do basic editing tasks such as cropping, renaming, resizing and even applying watermarks to your photos. You can work with one or more images at a time. The application is also available in a portable version. You can set the desired size parameters by pixel width or percentage while maintaining the proportions, rotate the images as needed and optionally add a watermark to protect your copyright. In addition to resizing and watermarking, rEASYze also offers Basic editing features that allow you to crop parts of the image, make brightness and color adjustments, and apply filtering effects. 


There are several programs on the internet that can help us put our logo on our photos. Although we have published several programs, we are still tempted to present you one more. This time we did not choose a program, but a website, so the use of the application is not limited by our operating system since all users, regardless of operating system, can work with the application, as long as they have access to the internet. The operation of the application is very simple and all we have to do is enter the website that hosts the application and login. From there, following very simple and understandable steps, we can add our logos on photos and save them on our computer.


RealWorld Paint is a multi-level image editing and viewing program with many features such as logo design, buttons, professional web icons and raster vector layers. You can also use it to retouch your photos, remove unwanted spots and defects in your photos and resize your photos. Also make animated Gifs and use layers and styles and many more graphic facilities that you will hardly find in free programs of this kind. Its use is relatively simple, although some specialized actions require some experience, as is the case with any program of this level. The important thing is that all the settings provided by the application are properly structured in the program menu without hidden menus so that you can find what you want without looking. Supports Greek menu.


Digital Image Tool is software that facilitates repetitive photo editing tasks. Use the integrated copyright symbol to protect your photos or add your own watermark. Check the position of the watermark or use the "tile" setting. We recommend that you use the PNG image format for custom watermarks. Click or apply the maximum width or height settings. Images are never overlaid or scaled more than 100%. Apply individual rotation settings or apply a specific rotation to all images. Add text in the lower right corner with date, file name, credit photo, copyright. This feature has transparency settings for applying information as discreetly as you want.


ImagesMixer is the simple solution for converting, resizing, renaming and watermarking your images or photos into batches before distributing them online. The version is compatible with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Performing functions such as resizing or renaming multiple image files can be a real headache, especially if you also plan to add effects to it. With ImagesMixer the modifications are applied to all selected images. Additionally, if you upload a series of images, the application can create an animated GIF with as many images as you want. Of course the end result depends on the original image, however this will help you understand the usefulness of ImagesMixer. Even if it's a little difficult to understand what each function does when you open the application for the first time, how it works becomes quite obvious after a few minutes of use. In conclusion, this is a completely free and worthwhile program with many features that you will hardly find in another similar program.

LujoSoft Watermark Utility is a watermark utility that can be used to add watermarks to any image file format. The application allows the user to open any image file format in a scrolling table and specify the text to be applied as a watermark to select the font and color of the watermark, set the opacity of the watermark to select the point where the watermark will appear in the image, and see the watermark before saving it in the image. Here's how to use it: Click Open File and load the image you want to edit, type the text you want in the Watermark Text To Show field, press Opacity to specify the opacity of the text, press font and select the font of your choice , now click on the photo where you want your logo to appear, and finally click Save to save it.


Sniptool is a free screen capture tool that lets you capture one or more selected areas on your desktop and save it with optional annotations. You can combine multiple captures on one canvas and add text, arrows, number dots and shapes to mark your capture. There is also the option to blur parts of the image for privacy. Your final screenshot can be saved as a JPG or PNG file. In the latest version we present to you it can record on video and animated graphics. Finally, it is a very valuable solution for the protection of your photos with your logo.

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