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13 selected free clone apps for windows


Cloning one or more hard drives is a process that over time finds great acceptance by professionals as well as ordinary users.

In essence, in this way we manage to create an exact copy of our operating system and not only so that we can transfer our data from an old hard drive to a new one without having to install our operating system and our favorites from scratch programs. But let's see what they are next

Macrium Reflect Free


We have written many times about the necessity of using backups on our computer. The time when the techniques did not exist or when the programs that supported them but were too expensive have now passed irretrievably.

 There are now several free applications on the internet with which we as ordinary users can do our work satisfactorily. 

One of these solutions is called Macrium Reflect Free and is perhaps one of the most ideal solutions for backing up our computer and in case of need to restore it to a previous state when it was working well.

The program is completely free without any time limit, the various programs and other similar programs of the company that produces it can be found on the front page of MacriumSoftware.

To run the program you need to register (it's free). In its new version, it has included many new elements and now fully supports UEFI and, of course, the new type of partition that follows it, GPT.

So after installing the application the first thing we have to do is create a bootable media so that we can restore our computer in case it doesn't start. 

So, we choose from the other tasks option choosing to create the bootable media we want. In our tests I chose to install this option so that it would be visible when starting my computer by selecting the Windows Boot Menu.

 Of course you can follow if you wish any other way such as creating a Boot CD or even better via a USB which should have a capacity of at least 8 GB. After selecting the Windows Boot Menu we click on the Build button and wait a while until the program creates our new Boot menu. 

Now it's time to create our first copy, so from the program menu we check the disk or disks we want to backup.

If you choose to get security only for your operating system, be sure to check all the boxes related to the disk on which windows is installed. From there, click on the image this disk and select where you want to save your copy.

The program is absolutely free without any time limit, the various with the other similar programs and versions of the company that produces it you will find them on the front page of MacriumSoftware. It has been tested and works perfectly.

Win To HDD


It enables you to reinstall Windows and allows you to reinstall Windows directly from an ISO, WIM, ESD, SWM, VHD, VHDX file without using a CD, DVD, or USB drive. With this feature, you can easily reinstall Windows with just a few clicks, even if you don't know anything about computers.

Also, you can easily install Windows on disks other than those on which your Microsoft Windows operating system is installed, using an ISO file, WIM, ESD, SWM, VHD, VHDX image file or a CD - DVD drive as the installation source and finally the system clone function allows you to clone the existing Windows installation from the old disk to a new disk (HDD / SSD).

With this feature you can create an exact copy of your existing Windows system on another disk. You can see the differences between free and paid versionhere

AOMEI Backupper


AOMEI is probably the easiest to use backup management application. This is a unique, free backup software. 

Backing up is indeed a boring but necessary process that all users should plan if they don't want to be surprised at some point by losing all their data.

It is a free application that will help us in this by providing us with basic but also advanced functions so that we always have our data secured.

The Backup system consists of four main functions where with one click we can back up all the data on the system drive, including system files and installed applications, without interrupting any other work we do on our computer. 

Backing up our hard drive including external hard drives, USB and other storage devices that can be recognized by Windows, backing up our partitions (Partitions) to back up a specific partition and backing up to your entire hard drive, with this option you can back up one or more hard drives (including dynamic drives).

You can even clone the Partitions of your hard drives, even your entire hard drives, and make Bootable disks so that in case of need, for example, for some reason your computer can not start to restore it.

Finally, you can configure the application and choose a schedule to automatically back up your system and data, especially for users who want to back up less frequently or have multiple backup programs (eg. e.g. daily, weekly, monthly), and all this through a simple and understandable environment even for the most ignorant users

The program is available absolutely free which includes its basic functions, however, for more demanding users there is also the professional version of the product which includes much more features.

HD Clone Free Edition


Clone your hard drives and make faithful copies of them. More specifically, HDClone Free Edition allows you to move content from one hard drive to another, larger one.

The program installs on a USB stick or CD/DVD through which you can boot your computer and copy the contents of the desired drive to the new drive using a graphical interface.

HDClone creates physical or logical copies (clones), images of hard drives and other mass storage media. This is a great backup tool for backing up your entire software or operating system installation.

A special rescue function makes HDClone an invaluable tool for rescuing files on faulty hard drives. It works independently of the management scheme, the file system, and the operating system.

Acronis True Image


Acronis True Image is probably the best professional application for backup and cloning. However, the application in its full version is not free. 

So if you have at least one WD hard drive on your computer you can use this special version even if it is connected externally as USB.

Acronis True Image WD Edition can clone disks, back up your operating system, applications, settings, and all your data while safely wiping out confidential data that you no longer need.

The application provides you with all the basic tools you need to recover your computer system in the event of a crash, such as data loss, accidentally deleting critical files or folders, or a complete hard drive crash.

If faults occur that block access to information or affect system operation, you will be able to easily restore the system and lost data.

Drive Clone


One of the most popular programs that can help us achieve our goal, it automatically clones your entire operating system or your entire hard drive including system files, applications, music files, photos, documents and Partitions documents . 

But what makes DriveClone different from other cloning applications is that it not only clones your data, but also gives you the ability to resize partitions, exclude files from cloning, defrag whole system, and remove temporary files. 

It can also do other interesting things like for example clone and convert your hard disk into VM files (Virtual Machine Files) that you can run with any virtual machine like VMware Workstation. However, for now we will only focus on cloning.

Seagate DiscWizard


It is the corresponding free storage recovery and cloning application, that is, the corresponding application of Acronis True Image WD Edition aimed at every computer that has at least one Seagate or Maxtor hard drive, even if it is connected externally as USB and can clone disks, to backs up your operating system, apps, settings and all your data while securely wiping confidential data you no longer need. 

The application provides you with all the basic tools you need to recover your computer system in the event of a crash, such as data loss, accidentally deleting critical files or folders, or a complete hard drive crash. 

If faults occur that block access to information or affect system operation, you will be able to easily restore the system and lost data.

If you have at least one WD drive and one Seagate drive connected to your computer, you should download and install the latest version of Seagate DiscWizard.

DriveImage XML


Simple easy to use, reliable program for imaging and backup. To create an image, it uses Microsoft Volume Shadow Services (VSS) technology, which allows you to create secure images. 

Images are stored in XML files, allowing you to edit them with various tools, but most importantly, restoring images to disks can be done without rebooting. 

It runs on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The program can take and restore backups formatted with FAT 12, 16, 32 and NTFS.

Hasleo Backup Suite Free


Free Windows backup and restore software, which integrates backup, restore and cloning features, is designed for Windows users and can be used on Windows PCs and servers. 

Hasleo Backup Suite Free's backup and restore feature can help you back up and restore Windows operating systems, disks and partitions to protect the security of your Windows operating system and personal data. 

The cloning feature can help you move Windows to another drive or easily upgrade a drive to an SSD or larger capacity drive. 

As a professional backup and restore software, bootable Windows PE Emergency Disk can help you quickly and efficiently restore Windows operating system to a healthy state after problems such as system crash or disk failure.

Aomei Partition Assistant


FREE disk partition software, which has earned a reputation as one of the best partition management software among users worldwide, comes with many powerful features that allow you to fully control your hard disk and its partitions. 

 The possibilities are many, among them, you can change the size of the partition, create partitions (partitions), format, delete them, check your partitions or change the letter on the labels. 

You can even merge your partitions, clone your entire disk or a partition, perform a cleanup, shred files or folders, rebuild MBR files, and view the health of your storage media. 

However, in our today's post we are interested in the area of ​​cloning something that we can do very easily through the corresponding selection of the application.



DiskCopy is a user-friendly disk/partition cloning tool. It is ideal for both migrating to a faster storage device and for data backup with very good features such as, choosing the partition style of the target disk, (doesn't have to be the same as the source disk), from MBR to GPT and GPT to MBR , always bootable. The destination disk can become bootable even if the source disk is not bootable. Copy only the partitions you select.



In previous articles, we have featured many apps for this purpose, but today's app stands out. It is an easy to use open source application that is fully compatible with Clonezilla Yes, Rescuezilla is the Clonezilla with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) you may have been looking for. 

But Rescuezilla is more than Clonezilla. It can back up your computer's hard drive, which is managed as files stored on an external hard drive. 

If your hard drive fails, you can restore your disk image and within minutes all your documents and settings will be restored to the exact state they were in when the last snapshot was taken.

Rescuezilla lets you perform backups, restores, and recoveries even if you can't boot into your normal operating system. It doesn't matter if you're using Windows, Mac or Linux, it doesn't matter if you can't even connect. 

Simply download and burn the ISO to a USB stick and reboot your machine and from there run your desired task.

Paragon Backup & Recovery


Recover your data even when the operating system crashes and cannot be started. In the event that your operating system becomes damaged or otherwise fails to start, you can boot from a bootable USB stick and restore your entire system, including your operating system, installed programs, user settings and data, all in a WinPE environment. 

 In the app you'll find everything you might need to quickly back up and recover your data or your entire system on-site, whether it's to ensure the integrity and consistency of valuable information or just to be safe during maintenance or changes to your computer. 

You can back up files, volumes and disks in their entirety or select one at a time. Define new strategies with custom backup parameters such as, backup type, frequency, schedule, scripted backup jobs to choose "what" and "where" Before you start make sure to create a bootable media (USB).
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