All In One - System Rescue Toolkit: Free Windows diagnostic and repair software


The All in One System Rescue Toolkit Lite is designed as the first solution for repairing Windows-based computers. It automatically runs various diagnostic and repair steps and is able to fix and fix many problems in Windows. While we can not guarantee that you will fix the specific problem you are likely to encounter, this can be the first step before you need to call a technician. You do not need to be an expert to use it, because all repair work is performed automatically. All you have to do is run it and wait for the inspection and repair process to complete. The repair steps include checking basic and individual functions in Windows and are as follows: CPU / Cooling check, memory test, hard disk operation test, Windows Security Center check, virus scan, networking and system restore test, file check system, disk cleanup and Defrag. In addition to the lite version you can download the full technician version aimed at advanced users through which you can literally do almost anything. For this purpose you will need to download the Live CD of the application and burn it to a CD through which you will boot, however, the main menu with the necessary tools can be run from windows. More specifically, if you have WINDOWS 10 after downloading the ISO of the Live distribution by right-clicking on it and clicking mount. Alternatively, for even better results, unzip the contents of the ISO to a folder and run it from there. In the folder that will open, right-click on the AiO-SRT file and run it with administrator privileges.

To download the application click on All in One - System Rescue Toolkit and download, select  technician version  and from the download option, select the location where you will download the application.

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