Friday May 26 2023

AMT Auto Movie Thumbnailer: Create video thumbnails


AMT – Auto-Movie-Thumbnailer is a free application that automates the thumbnail creation process so you can create an index of thumbnails for any movie. 

It supports many video formats such as (AVI, MPG, Quicktime, Real Media, Windows Media, etc.). Very short movies may not have enough keyframes (depending on the format) for the multiple images Eg. if you want to have 20 images per film, but the film only has 10 frames. 

The operation of the application is very simple, run it and select the folder where your video is located, before pressing Start Processing to start the thumbnail production process and set it to disable or enable from the Batch Timer option, the time i.e. interval of the video from which you want to get the thumbnails.

Finally, through the program's options, you can adjust the size, number and many other details.
Download the AMT Auto Movie Thumbnailer app
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