NZHTCAM: Free hardware tracking software on your PC


NZXT CAM is a free tracking software for Windows running PCs created by NZXT for PC lovers and gamers alike. In recent years, the demands have increased, so users need multiple applications to monitor the temperatures of their basic computer components to overclock their graphics cards and display FPS in the running games to see the performance of their graphics card.  

NZXT CAM has now consolidated all these functions into one easy-to-use utility for both beginners and advanced users. This way you can have frames per second (FPS) monitoring for all your favorite games, and precisely overclock your GPU to push your FPS to the max. 

You can even access a wealth of information, including detailed graphs and detailed statistics, and get instant alerts when things aren't working properly. 

You can also view basic game temperatures and performance measurements, monitor CPU and GPU temperatures at any time, check your computer data history for abnormal activity, and view FPS statistics for your latest games. 

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