Sunday 25 September 2022

D-Fend Reloaded: How to run Dos games on your computer


MS-DOS was Microsoft's flagship product, which gradually transformed it from a programming language company into a software and application development company. MS-DOS (MicroSoft-Disk Operating System) is an operating system with a command line interface created by Microsoft. 

Today, however, we will see how with minimal settings with the help of D-Fend Reloaded we can run the games of that time and more specifically Dos games and in fact with such ease that you will be surprised. The burden of this effort is borne by D-Fend Reloaded a small free program based on DOSBox.

DOSBox is an application that emulates a computer including the DOS command line and allows it to run almost all old DOS games. With DOSBox there is no need to worry about memory management or how much free conventional RAM we have, the program takes care of it, however the organization of DOSBox is still a bit complicated so that it is practically difficult to use especially for beginners.

This gap is filled by DOS Fox Reloaded, which is powered by DOSBox, simplifying the situation and giving even the most novice user the opportunity to play their favorite games without having to make a lot of adjustments going one step further. running any DOS game on any modern machine and with any windows as operating system.

After installing the application we will need natural games to try it, a very good website from which you can download known old favorite free games that you will find them here . After downloading the game or games you want, drag them one by one with the mouse in the main menu of the application. Each game that you add automatically the program automatically adjusts and adjusts accordingly.

However, we now need to specify our settings for each game. Right click on the game you want to run and click Edit. As you can see there are a lot of settings, for those who know what they are doing, changing these settings can configure the game when they try it, for the rest I would recommend only two settings.

The first concerns the controller they need to add, which can be from a Gamepad to a very simple joystick for even better results, but even if you do not have a joystick you can play with the keys on your computer keyboard. Select from the joystick menu and set it to auto and press OK.

From now on the control for each game we play should be selected from the game menu. Possibly for some games, especially the very old ones, in order to be able to activate the controller, we have to do it by right-clicking on the Run setup option. (You will find out if the relevant option is not visible in the running of the game).

Now select Edit again and press Graphics, check if you want to run your game in full screen and from the reader option change it from the default Surface to ddraw and in the option, Scale select the nearest neigbhor upscaling with factor 2 (normal2x) .

Of course you can change the settings for the better but this largely depends on the capabilities of your graphics card. Finally, after completing your settings, click on the game you want to play. If you select full screen and want to exit the game but do not know how, press CTRL + F9 at any time to close the application.

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