Energy3D: Free engineering application for designing the energy efficiency of buildings


Energy3D is a simulation-based engineering tool for designing green buildings and power plants that leverage renewable energy sources to achieve sustainable development. 

Users can quickly design a realistic structure or import one from an existing CAD file, place it over a map image (eg Google Maps or multiple maps) and then evaluate their energy performance for any given day and location. 

Based on computational physics and weather data, Energy3D can quickly generate time graphs (similar to data loggers) and heat maps (similar to infrared cameras) for analytical studies. Artificial intelligence is also used to support genetic design, engineering optimization and automatic evaluation.

At the end of the design, Energy3D allows users to print it, cut out the pieces and use them to assemble a life-scale model. Energy3D was primarily developed to provide a simulated engineering design environment to support science and engineering education and training from middle schools to graduate schools. 

Since the simulation results are accurate and the user interfaces are friendly, it can also be used as an entry-level energy simulation tool for professionals. The related videos on how to work with the app.

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