Enpass: Password manager for PCs and mobiles


Are you tired of trying to remember all the important events of your daily life? Do you easily forget the pins at ATMs or ID numbers when you need them? Do you use expensive and sophisticated password management tools? Stop compromising the security of your data either by storing it in unsecured text / excel files or by using the same password for each connection. 

Using Enpass you will solve all these problems with military-grade encryption as it secures your data with SQLCIPHER, a transparent AES-256 encryption to ensure the highest level of security. The entire protection mechanism is performed locally (offline) on your device without the need for online registration. 

Instead of application servers your data is stored on your device or in your cloud. The application generates strong passwords and locks automatically when the device is not in use or lost. It is a cross-platform compatibility and syncs securely with your other devices via Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box.

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OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows, Android, iPhone, iOS, iPad, Mac OS X,

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