Saturday April 1 2023

Everyone Piano: Play the piano with your computer keyboard


Everyone Piano is a completely free piano simulation software that works with your computer keyboard and will allow you to play your favorite music tracks on your computer. It allows you to record the music you play and can even simulate the piano pedal. To facilitate the application has a ready-made library of music files.

Features and benefits:

  • Connect an external MIDI keyboard.
  • Support keyboard separately, play two hands.
  • Auto-accompaniment and sync support.
  • Connect an external MIDI keyboard or electronic instrument.
  • Customize keyboard note layout.
  • Change dynamic surfaces.
  • Support learning pedals and numbered music notes.
  • Adjust the playback speed.
  • Support loading Vsti audio database.
  • Built-in sound card support.
  • Piano pedal simulation.
  • Customize keyboard and support sine play.
  • Support recording, playback, score and octave display.
  • And much more.

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