Saturday 18 September 2021

Greenify: Disable energy-intensive applications


You may have noticed that your mobile phone or tablet over time is not as fast as it first was. The usual suspect in these cases are the applications that we have installed, many of which, although closed, run in the background. This means that they consume useful resources and of course valuable memory. On mobiles or tablets with large available memory this may not be easily perceived but for devices with low available memory you will notice it immediately. The solution to the problem is to find a way to disable these applications when not in use.

Greenify is probably the best application to solve the problem. Specifically, after installing it, we run it and after finding which applications are running in the background, we click on them one by one and disable them. This way the available memory on our device is not reduced and so the programs run faster and at the same time we avoid jams.

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TAGS: Tools , Android

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