29 October 2021 Preparation

IQmango DVD Ripper: Copy your favorite DVDs to your computer


If you are looking for how to copy a DVD effortlessly and quickly your search is over here! IQmango DVD Ripper is the ultimate Windows backup program for your DVD collection, with multiple DVD backups for personal use and DVD burning at any time. The software will copy all the DVDs for you and convert the video content to popular DIVX AVI and MP4 formats so that you can use it on portable devices such as iPod, mobile or tablet for video playback. It can copy DVDs in 1: 1 mode or you can alternatively remove subtitles, unwanted audio tracks and some video episodes. Additionally, you can copy a DVD to your computer and later burn the DVD from your computer to a disc. The quality of the writable files is simply excellent because the software maintains the same quality as the original files.

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