Saturday 22 January 2022

Kurupira: Block sites with unwanted content


Worried that your kids are spending too much time on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube? Do they spend more time playing video games and less busy with schoolwork? With Kurupira Web Filter installed on your PC, you do not have to worry anymore. Additionally, you can control how much time your children are allowed to spend online by closing it down for a specific period of time in a day or on certain days.

The app is very convenient to monitor your children so that they do not see sites that contain material about violence, pornography, online games and so on. This also prevents a number of viruses from entering your computer, as these sites usually contain various malicious threats. 

In addition, you can also access selected software on your computer, for example, applications that contain important programs, media players, games, etc. Kurupira is simple to use and easy to configure. In addition, it can view and present a complete history log, as well as graphical reports on its application and use. It sits quietly on the system tray and the password helps prevent any from shutting down or uninstalling from your computer.

Web Filter hosts the web tabs, Applications, and Settings to the left, each with its own set of options. There are two ways to deny access, either by entering the URLs or an application name in the Block list or by entering them in the Allowed list. For example, if you want to specifically block a webpage, enter its URL in the Blocked Sites list

You can also add some exceptions to sites or applications, so Kurupira does not interfere with those sites and programs. The application allows you to import a list of sites from a TXT file so that you do not have to import dozens of different domains separately. If you click the IM and Social Network button below the Web tab, it contains a predefined list of some important social networks and IMs, such as Facebook, Orkut, My Space, Sonico, etc., that allow them to be controlled by a central location. As mentioned earlier, you can automate the tool to turn off the internet for a period of time, which can be adjusted by clicking the Control Time button. When installing the program you will be asked for a password, enter your password that of course only you will know.

The program regularly updates the lists of sites of violence or pornographic content and by construction includes a very large number of blocking of such potentially dangerous websites. However, as it is not possible to find and block all of them 100%, you can also help by simply adding the URLs to the block list.

To install the software download the file (360KB - kurupira_webf.exe) and run it. From there open the compressed file (kurupira_webfilter) that will download and run the file kurupira_webfilter_setup.exe to install it on your computer. Restart and run Kurupira. Enter a password and fill in your e-mail in case you forget it. From there, adjust the program according to your needs.

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