MediCat DVD Multiboot Linux DVD: Free tool to diagnose and troubleshoot Windows


MediCat DVD Multiboot Linux DVD is a Windows PE-like boot software that aims to replace the best-of-time Hiren Boot CD / DVD diagnostic software, which has been discontinued since 2012. It is the best diagnostic software. tool that can help you diagnose and troubleshoot Windows. Available absolutely free and includes a large number of diagnostic and auxiliary programs. Powerful and absolutely useful as it allows you to edit the Windows registry, reset Windows passwords, transfer files from a computer that can not start deleting or modifying partitions and much more.

There are four versions of MediCat available, the MediCat, DVD which is the main distribution and includes the PortableApps Suite with many useful applications, the MediaCat DVD - NAKED with the same interface as MediCat DVD but does not include the PortableApps Suite, the Mini Windows 10 x 64 with Windows 10 WinPE boot environment and PortableApps Suite and Mini Windows 10 x 64 NAKED which is the same as before but does not include PortableApps Suite. Before you start downloading and installing the program, Rufus ( we will need to copy the application DVD to a USB stick to get started.).

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