Friday 9 December 2022

MemTest86: Special free control application for RAM


Defective RAM can cause many problems on a computer, including corrupted data, crashes, and unexplained behavior. Bad RAM is one of the most frustrating problems as the symptoms are often random and hard to detect. 

MemTest86 however, is a great diagnostic that can help diagnose faulty RAM (or rule it out as the cause of system instability). Therefore it is often used by PC repair shops, overclockers and computer manufacturers. 

It boots from a USB flash drive or CD and checks the RAM on your computer for errors using a series of comprehensive algorithms and test patterns. The latest version of MemTest86 supports all current technologies, including:

  • 13 different RAM test algorithms
  • Support for DDR4 RAM (and DDR2 & DDR3)
  • XMP - high performance memory profile
  • UEFI - The new graphical standard for the BIOS
  • 64bit - Since version 5, MemTest86 is native 64bit code
  • ECC RAM - support for RAM error correction code
  • Secure boot - With MemTest86 signing code from Microsoft
  • Graphic interface, mouse support and disk recording of results
  • Automatic boot from USB or CD, without the need for DOS, Linux and Windows

The application comes in two versions, BOOT ISO and USB. You can download and run either version, however the USB version is more commonly used. To write the application, we will need any USB stick without special space requirements. 

We download the application Image for creating bootable USB Drive unzip the folder and run the application imageUSBFrom there we select the file memtest86-usb and press the button Write to start recording.

Finally, to check the memory of our computer, we restart without removing the stick so that our computer can start booting from it. In the first image you will see select Config and,

 on the next tab click S to start the test,
From there, wait until the application analyzes your computer's memory for any errors.

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