MEMU: Run Android games and applications on your computer


MEMU is a new emulator for Windows that runs on almost all Windows devices. Compared to other Android emulators, it provides the highest performance and highest compatibility. 

In addition, it has the richest features, full Android experience, elegant desktop, flexible customization according to CPU and memory size, and keyboard and joystick mapping for touchscreens

Using MEMU, you can have fun running apps or playing Android games on your PC. 

Fully compatible with AMD CPUs, great new interface with enhanced text editing function for keyboard, support for more games and bug fixes. 

After downloading the application install it on your computer and upgrade if prompted.

 From there, add your Google account and upgrade to Google Play.

You can download and run any application or game. An additional feature of the application is the ability provided by the APK option on the right side of the menu, to install games and APK applications directly from your computer. 

Finally, I should note that although it runs on all computers (performance depending on CPU, memory and graphics card), however, it is crucial that your processor supports the Hardware Virtualization standard where you will actually see it "flying". 

 Download   the MEMU app app

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