MyPermissions Privacy Cleaner: Manage access rights to your applications


The protection of personal data on social networks is perhaps one of the most burning issues that concern each user. There are many applications that in order to be able to log in ask us to have authorization through various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. But how can we collect the services we have logged through and even more how can we revoke this authorization since it is certain that in most cases it is impossible to remember and manually record our every action.

Allows you to review access rights for all applications and services associated with a wide range of online accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Instagram, Windows Live, AOL and Flickr. Scan and discover threats and access rights to your personal information and data about your service online account. Discover applications that you do not use or even forget, but can still read your personal information and data. The app is FREE to scan, but requires an annual subscription to control access to personal information.

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Labels: Protection , Android

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