Saturday 1 February 2020

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool: An emergency rescue tool


The Norton Bootable Recovery Tool is a rescue tool available to everyone for free. You can use this tool in emergency situations to get your computer back to normal operation. The Norton Bootable Recovery Tool (NBRT) can be used to scan and troubleshoot threats if you have difficulty installing Norton products due to a virus infection on your PC.

It can also be used to run a virus scan in the Windows preinstallation environment. Thanks to the versatility of the wizard, you can copy the recovery tool to a DVD, create an ISO image, or copy it to a USB device. The installation of the Norton security product is not completed because your computer is deeply infected with crimeware.

In this case, the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool helps you by booting the computer from a DVD or USB key and thus eliminating the threats that caused the problem. The Norton Bootable Recovery Tool helps you to fix the most difficult problems of your computer, such as if a crimeware has penetrated so deeply into your computer's operating system that you need a special tool to remove it. Using the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool, you can do the following: 

Create custom recovery media (DVD / USB) before infecting your system. Restore your computer to normal operation when it is so infected that it cannot be booted. The Norton Bootable Recovery Wizard lets you create a bootable tool even on a USB device.

It also lets you update Norton Bootable Recovery Tool virus definitions on the USB key. When you try to install the tool on a USB device, all the information stored on it is deleted. To be able to use the tool from a USB key, you must have set the boot sequence on the USB device from the computer BIOS settings.

You can create an ISO file as a custom Norton Bootable Recovery Tool. The ISO file can be copied to a DVD and used as a recovery DVD on any computer. With the help of the ISO file, you can also mark any virtual machine as a virtual DVD. The tool comes with a default set of network and storage drivers.

You can add more drivers by clicking Add Drivers. If you do not want to include more drivers in the custom Norton Bootable Recovery Tool, create the tool using the default settings.

1. After downloading the iso of the application, boot from it after burning it to a CD / DVD or a USB stick ( the procedure is described in the last paragraph). The first image you will come across is the one you see below. Wait for it to load and follow the steps below.

2. Select Greek and press OK.

3.Accept the terms and click the accept button.

4. Wait a while for the app to download the latest updates.

5. In the next tab you have two options, the first is to click the Start Scan button to start scanning your computer immediately and the second is the option to recover your files. This means that before you start scanning you can copy files such as (photos, music, documents, etc.) and then scan your computer for viruses.

6. Once you have selected a scan, wait for the application to complete the scan of your computer and delete any threats.

USB STIK recording

Download it Rufus and run it. Insert a USB stick into the USB port of your computer, select the ISO of the application and press START to start the recording. From there, boot from the stick.

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