Paranoia Text Encryption: Encrypt your messages


Paranoia text encryption application keeps your notes, emails, social media messages and any other text safe from snoopers, hackers and generally the prying eyes. The application provides real security as data is encrypted using powerful encryption algorithms. To encrypt text, enter your password, select an encryption method, copy and paste, or enter your text in the application menu, and then press Encrypt.

From there, copy the encrypted text wherever you want or save it to a text file for later use. To decrypt, you need to do the following, open the application, enter the code you entered when encrypting the text, select its encoding, paste your text in the corresponding field and press Decryt.

However, the application includes another important feature, it allows you to embed your text in a photo without anyone else being able to read it. To enable this feature, enter your password, select encryption, type or paste your text, tap the three-dot dot, and select Encrypt and Make Steganogram.

To read your text now enter the code, select the encoding you entered, click on the three telists, select Decrypt From Steganogram, upload the photo you saved earlier and you will see your text displayed.

For it to work you must have it installed JAVA on your computer

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