Sunday 25 July 2021

Pho.to: Create unique collages


Combine two or more photos and create amazing collages! Put your photos in multiple digital photo frames inside soap bubbles, on album cards or turn them into various collage styles. Take photos from a birthday party or any other occasion and place them in the template you want and create unique collages online. Choose one of the many digital photo frames and very simple. select one of the dozens of templates upload your photo or photos and click Process to start editing, wait a few seconds for it to finish and then you will have the result you selected. Now to save the image to your computer right click on it and click save and share. From there you can save the image to your computer or DropBox or upload it to the available social networks. If you want to send the photo you took through  link press the button Get link  and give it URL to the one you want to see. Finally, you will see each photo discreetly displays the logo of the application, if you do not want it to appear click on Pho.to and press the button so that OF to become ON

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