Saturday April 15 2023

PortableApps.com Platform: Install and run programs from your USB stick


Portable applications are a special category of programs that have many advantages, the main one being the absence of their installation on our computer. 

As you understand, this feature alone frees us from the installation and uninstallation process and from the possibility of losing all our installed applications in case of damage or forced format of our hard disk, at the same time it gives us the possibility to install them on any USB stick to run them on any computer.

The only downside may be that in some cases it may be slower, but this is mainly due to the fact that USB sticks typically have lower read and write speeds than hard drives.

However, the ability to run our favorite applications and games on any computer without any installation and without leaving digital traces is a very powerful temptation to use them. In this light we present PortableApps.

A mobile application that will allow you to create and manage your own collection of mobile applications. You start with a blank USB stick, for example, you can install them there first, and find the applications that interest you.

There are games, media players, browsers and internet tools, productivity applications, security tools and more, over 200 applications in total. Once the process is complete then you will have an easy-to-use portable toolkit that you can run on any computer.

To make your own version, after downloading the application, install it on your hard drive or on a USB stick, as soon as the program window opens, click on the application management button and select the applications you want to install. More specifically, select to download more applications per category and click on the applications you want to install.

From there select the programs you want to download and you are ready. You can repeat the process at any time to download more programs or choose to download upgrades for existing applications that you have installed.

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