Saturday 3 June 2023

PrivaZer : Completely erase your electronic traces


When you use your computer (at home or at work in your office), surfing the internet, watching a video, downloading, making a copy, removing files from your computer, or installing or uninstalling programs always leave ΄΄electronic΄΄ traces . 

This has the effect that over time your computer becomes slower, the available free space decreases, but also that there are traces of all your activities. The latter could be dangerous for you, especially if you have sensitive data on your computer that you wouldn't want to fall into foreign hands.

There are several ways to completely erase and not recover your sensitive data, but PrivaZer is the software that makes the difference because apart from its flawless functionality, it is available in comparison to similar professional programs for absolutely free.

PrivaZer is the application that will thoroughly clean your computer and remove unwanted traces of your activities not only on your computer but also on external devices such as hard disks, memmory flash, SD cards and even online storage disks.

But let's see how to fix it now. After downloading the application run it, and select full installation. (as you can see there are two more options to run the application without installation and create a portable version so you can run the application from a portable media some USB stick for example).

Install the application, select customization in the main menu and press next or alternatively, press the option privazer customization to your needs, press next, choose basic or detailed user and follow the detailed instructions program tabs that will allow you to choose the way cleaning just the way you want it. 
Download the PrivaZer app
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