Thursday April 15 2021

RGS-CardMaster: Manage and enter in your contacts, names, addresses and phone numbers


It is a unique program to enter contacts, addresses, telephones that manages and monitors all your contacts, addresses, phone numbers, fax, web, e-mail, and other information. You can add a photo to any card if you want, and add to your contacts web pages, emails, phone numbers, personal information etc. It is a super-complete address book with many powerful features and yet very easy to use! The address layout may change depending on your country. Includes the ability to call to communicate with your friends using classic phonelines, the internet and Skype. Also includes sorting options, email and web support, multiple printing options, print preview, calculator, calendar. You can mailmerge with MS-Word using the addresses saved in RGS-CardMaster. Finally you can import and export in Excel, dBase etc.

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TAGS: desktop

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