ShowMore: Record screen to video with audio


ShowMore is a free online application that can help us record video and audio of what is happening on our computer. . 

Additionally, you will have options to capture your computer screen in any custom area or in full screen, just capture the webcam. During the view, you can do some real-time editing of the recording. This can be done easily by adding annotations such as arrows, lines, text, shapes, etc. 

Therefore, you can highlight or add a note to any part of the recording to make the video livelier. Once you have finished recording, screencast can be saved as high quality video in various formats such as MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, VOB and ASF. 

Additionally, if you want to capture smaller screen activity for interactive tutorials, then you can use ShowMore to capture the screen as a GIF. The recording function provided allows you to easily record the activity of the screen on the computer, including game games, online tutorial, etc. Finally, it also allows you to upload videos directly to the cloud provided by ShowMore for easy access and management. To run the application press the button Record.


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