Sonic Visualiser: View and analyze the contents of music files and sounds


An application for viewing and analyzing the content of music files. This is a special program for musicologists, audio signal processing researchers, and anyone looking to see what's inside audio files. 

Load audio files in WAV, Ogg and MP3 formats and view their waveforms. Examine visualizations, such as spectrograph projections, by adjusting the display parameters interactively. Highlight audio data by adding highlighted time points and defining segments, values ​​and point curves.

View the same data simultaneously in multiple time analyzes (for close-up and overview). Perform feature export additions to automatically calculate annotations, using algorithms such as trackers, step detectors, and more. Import comment layers from various text file formats.

Import note data from MIDI files, view them alongside other frequency scales and play with the original sound and select areas of interest, optionally push to nearby feature locations and watch individual and comparative selections in continuous loops.

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Tags: Sound , Utilities

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