Tuesday 12 October 2021

ViPER4Windows: Enhance audio in Windows


ViPER4Windows is an audio enhancement software for Windows that delivers much better sound to your laptop speakers, or your HiFi system. The program improves the sound quality of headphones, desktop or external speakers. Enhance your computer's sound and make music, movies, video games, and online radio sound better. Raise the volume above the maximum. Enhance the sound of instant messaging programs like Skype, YouTube videos, web browsers, all kinds of Media Player, or any other audio player. Turn up the volume on your laptop. Using ViPER4Windows you can increase the volume, while at the same time improving the sound on laptop speakers or headphones, without having to sacrifice sound quality.

For users running Windows 10

Because the program does not work properly in windows 10 we used a patch of the application that you can download From here  (download Viper4Windows Windows 10 Patch) in the upcoming years, while which worked flawlessly in the tests we did. Here are the steps to follow: Install ViPER4Windows on your computer (download it  V4W_Setup.zipand after the installation is complete restart. In the next boot and as soon as you enter windows run the patch, type 1 and press ENTER. 
Restart your computer and after logging in to windows run the application with administrator privileges. From there, enjoy the application listening to your favorite songs. The program has many possibilities, so to enjoy your music as you wish you will have to experiment a bit with its settings. Finally, if it does not work, make sure that you have activated your audio outputs by pressing the patch again and entering 2 this time.

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