Windscribe: Anonymous VPN service with a free 10 Gb Bandwidth available every month


We have published several articles in the past regarding programs that protect the privacy of our communications and offer anonymity. We decided today to make a small report presenting the windscribe VPN after we tried it and distinguished it for its quality and performance.

Of course, it is not the only one with these characteristics, but we will highlight programs or services that stand out when we "discover" them. A VPN can open a secure interface or "tunnel" as we usually say between the various devices and the data passing through the tunnel and at the same time can be encrypted with one of the most modern, provided security methods so that the data passing through of the tunnel can not be read. 

Anonymity is a big special chapter in the field of communication and usually concerns when we refer to it in internet communication and for which tons of ink have been spilled. Of course, we can not analyze it in detail in a simple article, but we should explain and clarify in simple and understandable words a few things about it. When we refer to anonymity we mean nothing more than the technical possibilities that technology gives us to hide our true electronic trace.

Before moving on, some things need to be understood. Each computer connected to the internet gets an electronic identity ip (Internet Protocol address) which is nothing more than a unique number used by devices to identify and communicate with each other on a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol standard. Every device on the network, as well as routers, computers, printers, fax machines over the Internet, and some phones have their own unique address. 

An IP address can be considered the equivalent of a home address or a phone number for a computer or other Internet network device such as a home address and phone number corresponding to a single building or telephone, the IP address is used to identify a unique computer or other device connected to the network. This electronic identity (IP) is recorded as soon as we connect to the Internet on the servers of our provider (the company that provides us with the ability to connect) and follows us wherever we navigate, where in addition to entering the ip on the central servers of the provider is recorded any website we visit.

Windscribe is a first class VPN service since even in its free version it offers us 10-15 GB Bandwidth every month. The service covers the real IP address and gives you unlimited and private access to entertainment, news websites in more than 28 different countries.

The service encrypts your activity, never leaks DNS information and will never monitor you. This prevents the leakage of your personal information and at the same time prevents hackers or other malicious people from stealing your data while you are even using public Wi-Fi.

The method of use is very simple. After downloading the application, install it on your computer, register for the service (it is free) and confirm your e-mail. This will give you 10 GB available per month. Report the service on Twitter now and add another 5. In its free version you can use anonymity services from 8 different countries.

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