Monday June 5 2023

Yandex.Browser : The alternative browser for mobile and desktop


Yandex is one of the three most popular search engine companies in the world and an equal competitor to the Russian-based giants Google and Bing. It is enough to think that the percentage of use of the Russian search engine is in Russia (60%), in Ukraine 30%, in Belarus, 40%, in Uzbekistan, it is 28% and a great impact in Turkey as well.

But Yandex does not just aspire to take a small piece of the pie in the field of search from Google and Bing, but methodically tries with the new services it offers to attract users outside the Russian territory.

Yandex.Browser is one of the company's available applications that has been developed by the Russian company Yandex and is considered one of the best modern browsers and is based on Chrome. It has earned a respectable place among users by providing security, stability and above all fast loading speed.

Protected Mode disables browser extensions, as they can be used by various malicious actors to steal your information or simply because they may have security vulnerabilities. 

In protected mode, the browser checks the website's security certificate more strictly. If the website's certificate is invalid, outdated or untrusted, the protection function will not be activated and an icon will appear in the address bar telling you that the website is not secure.

If you connect to a website that uses the secure https protocol, then there is no risk, all data exchanged with the website is encrypted to protect it from third parties. However, even if a website uses the http protocol, which does not require encryption, it routes all traffic through secure Yandex servers. 

Hackers often create websites that distribute malware. Going to one of these sites could make you vulnerable to online theft or infect your device with malware.

Malware can slow down your computer, lock you out of your system, or cause any other problem. Every day, as it indexes the Internet, Yandex checks tens of millions of websites for the presence of malware. 

It records the addresses of infected or misleading sites in a special database, which it updates several times a day. The database currently includes hundreds of thousands of links. If you try to go to one of these links, it displays a warning.

Finally, in addition to all these, it has a wide range of services such as translation, HTML5 support, WebGL, Turbo mode, antivirus support when downloading online, etc. 

In conclusion, it looks like a very well structured application that among other things you will find to be top speed when surfing the web.
Download the Yandex.Browser application
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