Tuesday 21 July 2020

Yandex.DNS: Browse the internet safely


Domain Name System or simply DNS is a naming system for computer networks that use the IP protocol. DNS can and does assign names to IP addresses or other names on the Internet or other network and allows a server or service to be found on a server using a name. Thus DNS is used to assign IP addresses to names so that a network administrator can use names to communicate or simply remember machine names, locations, domain names, etc. Every time you go to a web page, the browser searches for its DNS address. The faster the nearest DNS server is located, the faster the webpage you visited opens.

Yandex has over 80 DNS servers located in different cities and countries. Every user's queries are processed by the server to the one closest to him / her, which is why sites open faster. Some websites on the internet contain malware that can infect your computer with a virus. Other sites created by hackers steal passwords and personal information. When you try to open a website when you have set up your internet connection via Yandex.DNS it will prevent any information from being downloaded from it and warn the user about the danger of the website. 

Yandex also uses its own anti-virus software, which scans sites for malware. Finally, many users want to protect themselves and their children from pornographic websites. Proper configuration with the corresponding Yandex DNS Servers can detect such websites and prevent connection. Let's see now how we can configure our computer by adding the appropriate DNS depending on the result we want to achieve. 

If we want high speed we have to use the basic setting, if we want high speed and at the same time protection from websites that distribute malware we will use the setting Highspeed + Protection from viruses and fraudsters. Now if we are interested in family safety and protection from pornographic content we should prefer the third setting High speed + Protection from viruses and fraudsters + Safety for children. To change the settings we must first find the network card with which we connect to the internet.


For windows 7 8, and 10 follow the path Control Panel - Open Network Center & Sharing - Change adapter settings and right-click on the network card, select Properties, Version 4, Properties, Use below DNS server addresses, enter the IPs in the boxes and click ok.

1. Tap change adapter settings and tap properties.

2. Select protocol version 4 and click Properties.

3. Select to use the following DNS addresses and at this point enter as DNS one of the three pairs of Yandex DNS addresses as you see in the photo below.

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