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20 best free computer monitoring and analysis programs


Research, evaluate, and check your computer's hardware, such as processors, memory, graphics cards, hard drives, measure and view information related to your computer's hardware and performance.

SiSoftware Sandra Lite


Excellent diagnostic program with which you will discover every "hidden" aspect of your computer, allows you to fully control not only the hardware but also make Benchmarks on your processor, your memory on your hard drive, etc. π to see the differences between your computer hardware and others. In conclusion, this is a unique diagnostic tool that you should all have.

HiBit System Information


Powerful system information utility that aggregates data from your computer's hardware and software components so you can see details about your hardware and software. The information is divided into a few main categories such as, Hardware: CPU, RAM, Motherboard, BIOS, Display, Storage, Printer, Network, Sound Card, Keyboard, Pointing Device and Software in Operating System, Security Software, Process List, Services , system drivers, startup, installed programs, event logs. You can save the scan results directly as an HTML file. Finally, the application is also available as Portable for use from any portable device.



All-in-one information system, diagnostic, network, control, monitoring and inventory, with Benchmark capabilities. HARDiNFO displays the material information in excellently organized categories with high quality graphical representation of each component material for quick and easy understanding. Monitors computer hardware, services, processes, drivers, your network, and your laptop battery. Includes an advanced network traffic monitoring system and Notebook Battery charge / discharge monitor to analyze battery status.



Test the performance and stability of your graphics card. FurMark is a small application that uses special performance algorithms to measure the performance of your graphics card, specially adapted to "push" and get the graphics card to the extremes.



Its purpose is to give you all the information about your graphics card. Supports NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards, displays your graphics card speed and other technical information. It has support for all Windows from XP to Windows (32 and 64 bit versions).



See a lot of useful information about Windows such as the network, information about your computer's hardware - CPU info, PCI info, PCMCIA, USB, and generally about the hardware that makes it up.



Very powerful information program for your computer. It will analyze and give you detailed detailed information about your computer hardware. It works with windows 32 and 64 bit, it is fully upgraded and functional. You will find it in two versions one to install on your computer and one portable so you can run without installation.

OpenGL Extensions Viewer


Diagnostic application that displays useful OpenGL information about your graphics card. OpenGL Extensions Viewer is available for Windows 32bit and 64bit MacOS X, iOS and Android. Displays the vendor name, version available, renderer name analyzes your computer hardware and software, and provides details about your graphics card, such as DirectX version, shader model, version OpenGL version of the Drivers it uses, as well as the renderer model and RAM it has. Each of these values ​​affects the performance of your computer's performance, so a better graphics card with more RAM could greatly enhance your computer's capabilities.



Free scanner of your processor hardware on your computer or mobile phone, download the corresponding version and after installing it see in detail details from the processor, motherboard, your memory and other technical details.



SystemInfo is a small, efficient application that lets you view information about your computer hardware. The program allows you to take screenshots and export material information in the following formats, HTML (with CSS), XML and plain text. Supports the following operating systems: Windows Vista (x86 / x64), Windows 7 (x86 / x64), Windows 8 / 8.1 (x86 / x64), Windows 10 (x86 / x64). Although it is not a detailed application, it can help us get basic information about our computer. It does not require installation, so you can use it on any other computer through your stick.

Clear Disk Info


Free software that gives you a clear view of the health and performance information about the attached storage devices on your computer. Monitoring storage devices is essential when working with computer systems since the failure of any device could lead to data loss or corruption of the system's files thus preventing it from running smoothly or even leading to a complete failure to boot. ClearDiskInfo supports the SMART monitoring standard and other performance indicators. Unlike most tools of its kind, Clear Disk Info displays the information in an understandable and user-friendly way.

Moo0 System Monitor


Free application that allows you to monitor your computer's system resource usage. It currently supports 43 kinds of information, such as CPU, memory, network and detailed hard disk usages. Using this program, you may find out what is limiting your system's performance in any case. It can also run as a standalone application without installation.



Free monitoring software for PCs running Windows created by NZXT for PC enthusiasts and gamers. In recent years, the demands have increased, so users need multiple applications to monitor the temperatures of the main components of their computer, overclock their graphics cards, and display FPS in the games they are running to see the performance of their graphics card. CAM has now consolidated all these functions into one easy-to-use utility for both beginners and advanced users. 

This way you can have frames per second (FPS) monitoring for all your favorite games, and precisely overclock your GPU to push your FPS to the max. You can even access a wealth of information, including detailed graphs and detailed statistics, and get instant alerts when things aren't working properly. 

You can also view core in-game temperatures and performance metrics, monitor CPU and GPU temperature at any time, check your PC's data history for abnormal activities, and view FPS statistics for your latest games.



FreeMeter is designed to monitor your system performance without consuming a lot of resources. This is a utility that monitors your system performance. It can monitor disk space usage, CPU usage, memory usage, paging file usage, and disk transfer rates. It consists of a window on the desktop and includes one or more icons on the Windows taskbar.

Core Temp


It is a simple but powerful program to monitor the processor temperature and other vital information of your computer in real time. It is able to display the core temperature of each processor in your system. You can see temperature fluctuations in real time and see which programs are straining your processor the most. Intel, AMD and VIA processors are supported. What makes Core Temp unique is the way it works. It is able to display the temperature for every single core of every processor in your system! You can see temperature fluctuations in real time with changing workload. Now, all processor manufacturers have implemented "DTS" (Digital Thermal Sensor) in their products.



Free PC performance monitor that allows you to monitor CPU usage, memory usage, network transfer speed, operating system performance, resource and usage of running processes, file system performance , USB performance, disk space usage, activity when reading and writing data to your hard disk, read transfer rate, disk write transfer speed, and other parameters. 

In addition to system monitoring reports and exporting system monitoring results to various standard formats including HTML, PDF, Excel, text, CSV and XML, power users or administrators are provided with the ability to periodically save reports for system status, set user-defined thresholds for system monitoring counters and warning messages, play notification sounds or send e-mail alerts when a monitoring system counter rises above or falls below the limit set by the user.



Monitor your hardware with in-game overlay tools for Windows. So you can monitor your hardware like CPU / GPU / MB / HDD / RAM when playing games. In-game overlay is supported for popular games so you can monitor hardware status in your games. (3400 games supported so far). You can then check your computer's performance with the analysis report. It also supports the most popular graphics engines (DirectX 8,9,10,11,12 and OpenGL). Finally, it gives you the possibility, if you wish, to overclock and increase the performance of your graphics card processor (NVIDIA / AMD) very easily.



Smart task manager application for Windows specially designed to provide a number of advanced features beyond those provided by the classic Windows task manager, while providing all the features of the Windows task manager while maintaining a similar look and feel. Some of the most notable features of the app are the fact that it doesn't need to be installed, so once it's unzipped it's ready to go. 

It has four distinct closing commands such as end of work or process, which is similar to pressing the "x" icon in the title bar of the process window, process closing, which is similar to automatic termination when the user closes Windows, forced termination of the procedure, forced termination of the Task or the procedure by bypassing the protection rights. 

You can choose multiple processes or methods of simultaneous termination. Finally it provides many smaller features such as showing the path of running processes, multiple selection, the ability to start from the process with a different name, the ability to force a shutdown with fewer useless confirmation messages. In simple words, it is a very useful application that can replace the classic Windows TaskManager application.

Traffic Monitor


Free app with a minimalistic menu, showing default internet upload and download speeds. However, you can see a lot more information, such as your computer's CPU and memory usage. It's worth mentioning that the software comes with a lot of customization options so you can tweak the app to be more visible or less obtrusive depending on your tastes.

By accessing the taskbar from the options menu, you can change the font, text color, screen text, CPU and memory layout, align values, number of digits, or if you want to separate the price and the unit with empty space, to name just a few.

 The standard version includes all features, while the Lite version does not include hardware monitoring features such as temperature monitoring, GPU usage, and hard disk usage. The standard version requires the administrator to run, while the Lite version does not. If there is no need to monitor temperature and other hardware information, it is recommended to use the Lite version which displays the current network transfer speed, CPU and memory usage. For greater convenience, you can choose to display TrafficMonitor on your computer's taskbar. To run the application, download the TrafficMonitor _V1.83 file, unzip it and run the executable file (no installation required).

IObit SysInfo Free


Free software that has a simple but clear information table to know every piece of hardware connected to your computer. It always keeps you informed about the health of your system and hardware and helps you identify certain issues and upgrade what is needed. Real-time monitoring observes the temperature and usage rate of CPU, GPU, disk, motherboard and memory resources. Thus, you can better understand how your computer resources are being consumed and the available space in the storage areas. 

A clear display layout will show you the current memory usage rate, available computer space and memory capacity. In addition, the temperature overheating alert will help protect your computer hardware and prevent any damage caused by overheating. 

It gives you a complete summary of your system information about your operating system, computer specifications, network and hardware conditions. Finally, it allows you to choose to export any section and save it in txt and HTML formats.
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