Friday March 3 2023

The 18 Best Video and Animation Screen Recorder Apps


Screen recorders are usually used when we want to make a presentation video, or a video in which we have highlighted the elements we want to highlight. In today's presentation we have selected the 18 best of them.



RecCloud is a free online application that can help us to record video and audio what is happening on our computer. To make your recording easier, it provides you with different audio inputs, which include computer system sound, microphone or both. 

Apart from that, you will have options to record your computer screen in any custom area or in full screen, record only the webcam. During playback, you can do some real-time editing on the recording. This can be easily done by adding annotations such as arrows, lines, text, shapes, etc.

 Therefore, you can highlight or add a note to any part of the recording to make the video livelier. Once you have finished recording, screencast can be saved as high quality video in various formats such as MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, VOB and ASF. 



Many times we need a small simple capture program in order to record some snapshots of our work on the computer as animations. GifCam is perhaps the only program that approaches these features with such simplicity and without any installation on your computer. 

Just run the GifCam icon and adjust its dimensions according to the size of the screen you want to capture. The application also supports some conveniences in the settings before saving the file Run the program and select by increasing and decreasing the windows the size of the surface you want to record and press Rec to start recording, then stop to stop. 

Before saving your file on the computer you can choose the final quality of the Gif Animation either by recording it in full quality or monochrome or by limiting the number of colors in our file. No installation required.

Screen To Gif


Capture your desktop and save it directly to Gif Animation. You can move the window to record what you want to remove unwanted frames, select a folder to save your file, or just let the program save to the desktop and resize the application window accordingly. with what you want to record.



If you are looking for a free reliable Capture software with business capabilities for both personal and business use I think you should stop at CloudShot. This is a simple image or video capture program that will help you record your favorite programs or whatever you want in the best way. However, the conveniences of the application do not stop here. You can use the built-in free cloud services to store and share your files at the same time.



LICEcap is a small application that will help us record a specific area on our computer screen and save it as an animation (Gif). More specifically, you can save your selection as a Gif file, which is the most common format, or as an LCF file, which allows a higher compression ratio (over 256 colors per frame). The application can be useful if we want, for example, to convert a small part of a video that we see as an animation or to record some activities on our computer. The program is available for Windows and Mac OS X.



This is a free application that makes a difference, mainly because of the simplicity that characterizes it. This is a very simple application through which we can ΄΄capture΄΄ a short video with sound. It can also export the generated file to many video and animation file formats like MP4, WebM, OGG, AVI, GIF and comes with 3 fps recording options (15,25,30). All you have to do is simply run it and select what you want to record. The application is completely portable which means no installation is required.

Easy Screencast Recorder


Capture program that can help you record short videos of your desktop that you can share with others. It can run portable (without installation) and can record audio and video using any installed codec (including webm). Easily record the entire screen, or a specific area.

FlashBack Express Recorder


Classic capture application that can record any part of your computer screen and turn it into a video file. It includes without limitations a large part of the features of the professional version with the only difference that in the free version we present there is no ability to edit videos, add text, images and sound and effects.



ShareX is an open source program that allows you to take screenshots of any selected area with a single key, save them to your clipboard, hard drive, upload them to over 25 different file hosting services, it can capture screenshots with different shapes like rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, triangle, polygon and freeform, you can upload images, text files and other file types. Finally, by selecting Screen Recording (FFmpeg) you can record in video format or by selecting Screen Recording (Gif) you can record in Gif animation format..

Quick Screen Recorder


This is a very simple, completely free capture application that can help us to record video sections or the entire screen of our computer with or without sound. The menu of the application is quite simple and all we have to do is determine the quality of the video and adjust the recording field according to the width of the screen we want to cover.



This is probably the simplest application through which we can record on video the desktop of our computer or specific windows of programs. However, the application allows us to record on video through our computer's camera and our face. 

Thus, it enables us, for example, to make a presentation or analysis on any of our topics and after completing our presentation we can download our video. The application is very simple to use and in fact we do not need to download anything to our computer. Which one in particular, it is enough to visit the recordscreen.io website and click on the Record button. 

From there on we have to select what we want to record and press the share button to start recording, after we finish the recording press the Stop Recording button and finally press the download button to download our video.



Free screen recording application that can be used to record training videos, with simultaneous audio recording. However, in addition to recording programs and applications from your computer desktop, you can also record your face using a camera, thus making the application particularly suitable for screencasting purposes. 

You can choose the video format you save, disable the microphone, select specific recording fields or change their dimensions according to your requirements. It also gives you the ability to schedule a recording through the app's timer and the ability to end it at the time you want to exclude your mouse cursor and more from recording.

Ezvid For Windows


Modern screen recording app to video. With voice recording, FaceCam, voice synthesis, screen design, and speed control, it's probably the best all-in-one solution for creating videos. 

With one click, you can record the screen and capture everything displayed on your computer screen, including web pages, games, applications, paint programs, maps and more. You can then edit the video and save it for later, or upload it directly to YouTube. 

Ezvid harnesses the power of your computer to create high-resolution videos, make speed changes, rearrange them, add text, slides, image, and more. 

In conclusion, you can edit your videos and create video presentations from JPG, PNG and GIF images, import other videos such as AVI, WMV or MOV, easily rearrange your clips and photos, and adjust the length , use transition effects between sequences and images and finally upload your video directly to Youtube.



In the past we have presented several programs of this kind. However, ScreenRec is a screen capture software that makes a difference and will impress you with its simplicity and functionality. 

Just install it, create a free account and start capturing images or videos of your screen. Soon after, every time you record a video or image, you will receive a private sharing link instantly thanks to Cloud Recording technology. ScreenRec is particularly suitable for internal communication in private networks because it encrypts each of the screenshots and even screen recordings. 

So you can be sure that your company's secrets are safe (even in the cloud). It will help you save time and communicate faster with instant private video messages and screenshots. 

If you spend a lot of time on emails and chats, try instant messaging videos and screenshots with ScreenRec, or if you just want to record your desktop, an app, or create a slideshow with a camera and audio and save the video to your computer your or to share.



Free Cam is a free capture application that provides a full set of features for creating professional video courses and e-Learning presentations where you can select a recording area or record your entire screen, or a single window, and record the your voice. 

To make your video presentation more informative, you can easily record voice with your microphone. You can also record the sounds of your programs and applications or add some background music to your video. 

To highlight important details and steps, highlight your mouse cursor and activate mouse click sounds. Use the built-in audio and video editor to turn your rough video into a full video lesson. After recording your screen, you can easily trim the unnecessary parts of the video. 

If there is background noise in your voice, you can easily remove it from the entire clip. You can even adjust the volume, add fade effects or mute sounds to selected parts of the video. Finally, Free Cam allows you to save the screencast to your desktop or share it directly on YouTube.

snip tool


 Free screen capture tool that allows you to capture one or more selected areas on your desktop and save it with optional annotations. You can combine multiple captures into one canvas and add text, arrows, number dots and shapes to annotate your capture. There is also an option to blur parts of the image to protect privacy. Your final screenshot can be saved as a JPG or PNG file. In the latest version that we present to you, it can record in video and in animated graphics. This is a great app that I highly recommend. Available in two versions for installation or without installation (portable)

Cool Screen Recorder


Cool Screen Recorder is an amazingly simple, free screen, audio, cursor, mouse click and typing application. Through it, you can record anything you see on your computer screen, including selected areas, applications, active windows, and more.

The features of the application include features such as, taking screenshots, recording games, taking ScreenCast (Avi/Gif/Mp4), recording with/without mouse cursor, recording specific areas, or full screens of Windows applications, recording via specified keys or with the your mouse, mix audio recorded from microphone and speaker output and capture from WebCam or combine webcam with screen capture. 

It is a very valuable application that has many options and at the same time consumes minimal resources compared to other similar programs.

iFun Screen Recorder


This is an excellent, flexible screen capture application, Select any area of ​​your screen to start recording, from the entire screen to a small dialog box. Screen recorder supports multiple screens. Record every detail and every intervention you make. The software provides you with the Facecam function, allowing you to record your face in a video, and enables you to use this option in many situations, such as in online tutorials, game recording, PowerPoint presentations. There is no lag when recording HD and above, and the app achieves an average CPU utilization of 8%, making recording extremely smooth. If you want to record a video, there are various formats, such as MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS and GIF, where you can modify parameters such as size, frame rate, quality and bitrate.

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